The procedure for attending the events are as follows:

Enter your teams online at:
Go to the web page & choose Alberta Cattlemens, entered teams,
riders looking for rides etc. at your finger tips.

Team entries open 12 days prior to the show date
(please remember to enter youth & sorting)
3+sorting maximum 4 rides (email)
780-906-7187 (text or call)
Any changes to the teams will be accepted until the Wednesday prior to the show and before 12pm.
Any changes after Wednesday 12pm should only be for a medical or bereavement reason.
In the event of a last minute substitution or cancellation, it is up to the team members to fill this substitution promptly. This is not the responsibility of the association's management.
Entry fees are due before you ride. The office will be open 1 hour prior to show's start time.
payout 50% of entries
added monies at shows will be pro-rated

We will make every attempt to use fresh cattle.
However, this may not always be the case due to cattle shortages in certain areas.


2022 DATES:

May 28 & 29/22 Bohnet Arena (hwy 18 & rg rd 82)
June 25 & 26/22  Creekland Ranch
July 16 & 17/22 TP Stampede
Aug 20 & 21/22 FINALS for ACPSA members TBA
Sept 3 & 4/22 THE FULL RUN @ TP hosted by Tony Mitchell & Cartier Rycroft

As you are all aware events (of late) have many restrictions due to covid---we may have to change some of our venues to accommodate these eg;outdoor arenas. We also will develop a protocol so our events are within AHS guidelines. Looking forward to a great season as I'm sure many of you are itching to compete as well.


Box 1696
Mayerthorpe, Alberta
Canada T0E 1N0