New Board of Directors consists of Clint Davis, Nicole Daley, Christal Wastle, Cartier Rycroft. Deanna Mitchell, Duane Daley(president), Laurie Collins (secretary),Charmaine Prince(treasurer), Tony Mitchell(past president)


1. The open & 8 class will be handicapped, by 1 second per rating for each number below the highest rated team of the class. One year trial

2. To qualify for ACPSA finals, members must attend 50% of the shows offered during the season

3. All entries to be paid by etransfer prior to each show.




The Alberta Cattlemens Penning & Sorting Association has been established to promote and develop the sport of Team Cattle Penning. Alberta Cattlemens supports the view that Team penning is a sport for young and old, male and female, families and individuals. The Alberta Cattlemens Penning & Sorting Association primary mission is to promote a pastime that fosters family involvement while setting high standards for professional conduct, a fair playing field and good sportsmanship in the spirit of fun and competition.

Box 1696
Mayerthorpe, Alberta
Canada T0E 1N0