Welcome to the Cattlemen’s and the sport of Team Penning and Sorting!
Here is quick description of the sport if you are unfamiliar.


  1. There are 30 head of Cattle at the cow end of the Arena, each with a number on their back, three of each number from 0-9. The team consists of 3 riders, all riders are rated from 1-7. There are classes to accommodate every level of rider:
    • a. Open
    • b. 10,8,5
    • c. Senior Youth(13-16yrs)
    • d. Junior Youth (12 & under)
    • e. Lead Line (for the youngest of penners not ready for Jr. youth).
  2. The ratings of the team must not exceed the class #.
  3. Penners must sort and pen 3 of the same number, called by the announcer once the foul line is crossed, in less than 60 seconds (75 seconds for the 5 class and 90 seconds for the Youth Classes). Time is called when all 3 cows are fully in the pen and all riders are on the pen side of the foul line. If the team only has 2 cows time must be called by a rider at the entrance of the pen with a hand above the shoulders.
  4. There is a “no trash” rule in place, which means any wrong number cow crosses the foul line will result in a no time for the team.
  5. For the show season, a person may ride 4 times in the 10, 8, 5 as well as 1 mandatory draw to a max of 5 teams. A person must pick (1) team and may draw the remaining entries to a max of (5). There are no draw teams at Finals.
  6. A person may ride 5 times in the Open. There are no draw teams in the Open class.
  7. For more rules and regulations, please refer to the Canadian Team Penning Association’s website or printed hand book (www.canadianpenning.com)

The Alberta Cattlemen’s offers 2 Sorting classes, the Pro/Am/Novice and 3+. There are no draw teams in Sorting.
  1. 1. The Pro/Am/Novice (Pro is a #5 or #6 rated rider, Amateur is a #3 or #4 rated rider, Novice is a #1 or #2 rated rider) Each team must have these components or less, Pros must ride with both an Am & Novice, 2 Amateurs must ride with a novice, or 3 novice riders may ride together.
  1. 2. The 3+ is run concurrently with the Pro/Am/Novice. Any team can enter as long as 2 of the riders combined team rating =3 or less. A 1 can ride with another 1 or 2 and any other rider as the third partner.
A description of three man Sorting.
  1. There are 10 head of cattle at the cow end of the arena, the team must sort in order all 10 head in less than 60 seconds. If a wrong numbered cow crosses between the panel to the pen end of the arena, the team will get an ‘out of sort’ and no time will be allotted. As well as if a cow gets back to the herd, the team will get an out of sort. Alberta Cattlemen’s alternates for each show, single gate sorting and 2 gate sorting.
  2. Pro/Am/Novice is a max of 4 rides, 3+ is a max of 4 rides, no draw in sorting
  1. Open $55.00/per rider ($10.00 paid 100%)
  2. #10 & #8 $45.00/per rider
  3. #5 $40.00/per rider
  4. Youth classes $5.00/per rider
  5. PAN Sorting $40.00/per rider
  6. 3+ Sorting $30.00/per rider
Be sure to get your entries in before the Monday 6:00pm prior to the show.

To enter a show, go to www.epenner.com choose Alberta Cattlemen’s and enter teams!
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