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Rodeo Activity Exemption Application

PRESIDENT: TONY MITCHELL: phone #780 5127652
VICE-PRESIDENT: DUANE DALEY: phone #780 8784036

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Description of event: Team cattle penning is derived from actual ranch work, from the job of separating one or more cattle from the herd and driving them into a corral. As a sport penning/sorting is one that riders of all ages and both sexes can take part in. Family members frequently compose part or all of a team. Team cattle penning takes horsemanship skills, knowledgeable riders with good horses and an understanding of cattle psychology. Each team consists of 3 mounted riders.

The Board of Directors of Alberta Cattlemen’s Penning & Sorting Association(ACPSA) is seeking an exemption to conduct the event only.

COVID-19 Risk Mitigation

General Guidance: Education on COVID-19 protocols for participants will be done by posting signs regarding in & out gates, direction of flow of traffic, physical distancing of 2 meters, hand washing and/or sanitizing frequently, mask wearing mandatory in indoor arenas. Written information such as this document—copies will be available for distribution. Social media—our facebook page will highlight important protocols & all directors will be aware of resources of information regarding our COVID-19 protocols. Participants will be encouraged to avoid COVID-19 risk activities for the duration of the event. Public health measurers and applicable guidance is available on Alberta BizConnect & participants will be encouraged to access this information.

Protocols & Compliance Officer: A COVID-19 screening tool will be used daily prior to participants entering the venue(a copy of ACPSA tool will be attached). Compliance officer: Carter Rycroft phone#780 9950235 The COVID-19 screening tool will be available to participants online so if suffering any symptoms they will not attend the event.

Pre- Event: COVID-19 screening tool available online for prior screening & opportunity for those exhibiting symptoms to not attend & follow provincial requirements to isolate. A support plan for any participant exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 would include return of all entry fees, replacement of the person so fellow participants are not penalizied,information regarding protocols & resources through Alberta Health for treatment & follow up. If a participant exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 while on site the initial plan would be to isolate the person, disinfect any areas the person contacted, notify any other participants the person was in direct contact with that they have exhibited symptoms & have contact with AHS. The event would need to be delayed until sanitization/disinfection of all areas accessed by the person exhibiting symptoms were completely cleaned.

Riding Events: The essential personnel in the arena will include 3 mounted riders, entry & exit gate attendant(which is usually a participant not riding in the category) 1 show secretary, 1 announcer, 2 judges on opposite sides of the arena, 2 cattle handlers who are at the opposite end of the arena from all others. Most indoor arenas are 80ftx200ft or larger—outdoor are equivalent size. Staging & warm-up areas will be provided where participants can maintain 2 meters physical distance.

Timed Events: Each team of 3 riders has a 60 second time limit & will exit the arena at the end of this time. The next team will enter the area when called on by the announcer.

Event Staff: The announcer stand(tables,seat,microphone,timer,etc) shall be wiped down before and after each performance with a disinfectant solution. The show secretary’s table,seat,equipment shall be wiped down before and after each performance with a disinfectant solution. All event staff will maintain 2 meters physical distancing from each other and participants & wear a mask(mask wearing by the announcer is not required when performing the duties of announcing). Access to the announcer, show secretary, judges & herd handlers will be limited to essential personnel only. All entries are online prior to the event & posted—thus negating the need for direct contact with the show secretary.

Testing: Participants from the same household do not have to follow 2 meters physical distancing—all others must follow 2 meters physical distancing at all times or to be exempt participants must be tested & receive a negative screening. All participants & staff will complete a daily symptom screening & temperature check prior to entering the venue. No testing will be offered on site as physical distancing of 2 meters & the use of masks will be mandatory.

Mask Use: Participants & staff will wear a mask indoors at all times except---participants mounted and competing---announcer when announcing.

Contact Tracing: Participants & staff will complete a screening tool daily which includes information—name, phone number& date. Any positive cases will be reported AHS by the compliance officer.

Food Service: Participants & staff will be instructed to bring their own food & beverages as there will be no access to food on-site.

Venue/Facility: The venue is well ventiliated with large overhead fans & doors to the outside frequently opening. They will have a supply of hand stanitizer/soap in bathrooms & disinfecting wipes located in bathrooms & entrances/exits. The venue will conduct cleaning/disinfecting during, pre & post use.

Accomodations: Trailers with living quarters will be parked at least 2 meters apart—only members of the same household may stay in these trailers. The sharing of food or other items is not recommended. All persons staying on-site in trailers are required to provide contact tracing information to ACPSA. Any positive cases will be reported to AHS, the members of the household as well as the individual with symptoms must isolate from other participants & leave the grounds. Gatherings of 10 people, with 2 meters physical distancing, outdoors are acceptable. No indoor gatherings are permitted.

Spectators/Audience: NO spectators/audience are permitted for indoor events. Exception: a coach/instructor may watch the participant, but must leave the venue when the participant completes their event.

Non-Compliance: Member of the Board of Directors ACPSA will remind the offending person re:public health orders & the protocols set out in this document. If the offending person continues to ignore protocols they will be asked to leave the premises. Lastly we would report urgent matters to local law enforcement.

Date & Duration of Events: May 29 & 30/21 June 26 & 27/21

Box 1696
Mayerthorpe, Alberta
Canada T0E 1N0