AGM was held Sept 16/23

Dayton Fenton-president
Josh Seely-vice president
J.D Dennis--secretary
Clint Davis, Nicole Daley, Graham Boyd, Christal Wastle, Brett Mitchell, Carter Rycroft

Changes for 2024

  • Cattle handlers will be paid $20.00/hour/person to a maximum of 3 people depending on the facility
  • Top 5 teams in the open & 8 class will only apply if 20 or more teams are entered
  • Members have an option for a buy-in to finals. Must attend & physically ride 2 days & then could buy-in 2 days at $400.00/day.
    Eligibility contained to the classes the member physically rode in at the attended shows. Youth riders cannot buy-in the youth classes

    There will be a trophy buckle for the #1 high point rider in the 5 class at each Cattlemens show (points calculated over the weekend).
    Buckles cannot be won by the same rider at each show (4 weekends 4 different winners).
    Points are calculated
    5 points for 1st
    4 points for 2nd
    3 points for 3rd
    2 points for 4th
    1 point for 5th

    There will be a high point trophy saddle at the Finals (Sept 21&22/2024) for the #1 riders in the 5 classes.
    Qualification & points structure information is listed in the Rules Section of the web site.

    ALL EVENTS SCHEDULED AFTER MAY 1/2024 HAVE BEEN MOVED TO CATTLAC RANCH ONOWAY, AB. See the schedule page for further details

    All events scheduled for Creekland have been moved to Cattlac Ranch Onoway AB 2223 Twp Rd 545 Onoway AB. See the schedule page for more details



    The Alberta Cattlemens Penning & Sorting Association has been established to promote and develop the sport of Team Cattle Penning. Alberta Cattlemens supports the view that Team penning is a sport for young and old, male and female, families and individuals. The Alberta Cattlemens Penning & Sorting Association primary mission is to promote a pastime that fosters family involvement while setting high standards for professional conduct, a fair playing field and good sportsmanship in the spirit of fun and competition.

    Box 1696
    Mayerthorpe, Alberta
    Canada T0E 1N0