Finals Rules and Qualifications 2018

All motions made by the board supersede what is on the website.
The criteria in the regulations below are for the Alberta Cattlemen's Association finals only.
For qualification information for the Canadian finals see the Canadian Association handbook.

Rides for Finals:

(1) three (3) times in sorting to four (4) times in sorting

During the Season of 2018

During the season, any person can ride 5 times in the open class & 4 times in the #10, #7, #5 classes (excluding draw teams for all classes). Senior & junior youth will have two (2) rides--all youth teams are draw teams--senior youth consists of 3 youth (13-16 years)--junior youth is two youth (12 & under) & one adult (see the CTCPA rule book). Youth 16 years of age & under must wear a helmet(passed Oct.20/12 at the ACPSA annual general meeting.

Participants in the #10, #7 and #5 class must ride on a draw team (one pick-one draw and then whatever other entries you wish to a maximum of 5 rides). Junior youth are exempt from riding on draw teams unless written permission is given by their guardian. Senior youth are able to ride on draw teams without written permission.

In the event of cancellation of a class due to weather, poor cattle condition or the director’s discretion, members entered prior to the cancellation will be credited with the show.  As well, if a member has entered the show and suffers injury or illness preventing them from riding, they will be credited with the events entered (again the directors will require notification and make the final decision).

Finals Prizes for 2018 Season

How to qualify

To qualify for the Alberta Cattlemen's finals each penner must ride in FIVE (5) shows during the season (each day counts as a show --Saturday (1) & Sunday (1)

To ride in any other classes at the finals for day money, you must ride four times in that class throughout the season.

Sorting is based on a pro,am,novice rating (pro#5 and 6, am #4 and 3, novice #2 and 1).

Youth riders must ride in 4 shows to qualify for ACPSA finals (Sept 1, 2018).

Individual Prizes

All prizes will be given based on the outcome of the finals weekend only.  In each class, prizes will be given on an individual basis, based on your Canadian number rating.  For this reason we have designated a class for each number rating in which you must qualify to ride in at the Finals.

     1. All # 1 penners will compete against the #1 riders in the #5 class

     2. All #2 penners will compete against the #2 riders in the #7 class

     3. All #3 penners will compete against the #3 riders in the #10 class

     4. All #4, 5, 6, penners will compete against the #4, 5, 6 penners in the Open class

Finals Point System

To compete in the finals each penner will enter a maximum of four teams in their designated class & 5 in the open (youth riders will enter two times each in the youth classes).  The point system is based on where those teams place after a two run aggregate time.  NOTE: you cannot ride four times with the same penner in the same class; this will eliminate a tie between you and that person. In the event of a tie in the placing points(open #10 #7 #5 sorting classes) look at the number of head of cattle penned, if a tie still exists go to the accumlative time(1.lowest placing points--2. most head penned--3.accumlative time--4.ride off) to break ties.

Example: If your teams place 1st, 3rd, 5th and 10th you will receive 19 points (1+3+5+10=19). The person with the lowest points when all four teams are added up is the champion penner/sorter and so on. In calculating the placing points all riders with blow outs will be assigned the same points (EX: 100 entries the all blow outs get 100 Points). $10000.00 will be added to the payout for Finals. First place in the open, #10,#7, #5, & sorting will be awarded a saddle. The open, #10, & sorting will have 2 prize placings. #7 class will have 4 prize placings & #5 will have 10 prize placings. Champion buckles will be awarded to first place teams in the open #10 #7 #5 sorting.

All teams will run one run on the first day and the second run on day 2. All payouts will be awarded at the end of the last day of finals.

Most Improved Rider

Directors vote on most improved penner of the year.

Season Leader

Each class will have a season leader.

Point System: 1st place-5 points
  2nd place-4 points
  3rd place-3 points
  4th place-2 points
  5th place-1 point

Any rating # can compete for season leader in any class—eg. #1 rider can collect points in the #10 class.  Or #3 rider can collect points in the #5 class.

No Season Leader in sorting.

We will have a posted spreadsheet if the points

Buckles will be awarded to the season leader in each class except sorting.

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